Sunday, June 29, 2008

plan changer

I finally talked myself into riding my bike this morning..filled the tires, found the lock, found my bike shoes, etc...put the dog into her yard...and soon heard a lot of barking.

This is why. This youngster was right outside the door..luckily it was backing AWAY from the dog. Obviously its a youngster and not quite sure what to do. Currently it is under the dog house. Swell. I can't put the dog into her yard due to the skunk. I can't leave the dog in the big yard due to the doe-with-fawn who has issues with dogs. I guess I could leave her (Phoebe, not Doereen) in the house but my enthusiasm for a bike ride is quickly dissapating..which is more than I can say for the aroma coming from the dog yard. (even without spraying, they don't smell so pretty good!)

The dog house weighs a ton so trying to move it to convince the skunkette to move is probably not a good option. Phoebe may end up going to work with me on Tuesday. ;>)

Such a cute little critter!

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