Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden carnage

The newly dug and re planted front flower bed as it looked last week. Removed what had been lots and lots of fortnight lily and Mexican evening primrose, amended the soil with the compost from the bins, and planted some "new" posies. I thought (dumb me!) that even though the fence was an easy 4' hop for the deer, that they wouldn't venture into such a small area..its only about 12 x 12 for cryin' out loud.

This was a very happy dark purple potato vine that had wintered over nicely in Phoebe's yard. Its sharing a pot with some never blooming fairy wand. Apparently Doereen does not care for fairy wand.

This was a lush Jacobinia until hungry Doereen discovered its tasty leaves yesterday.

And this was a nice start of a variegated Abutelon. (Hey! Where did the picture go? Am I the only person with gremlins in her computer?)
It was here just a moment ago. That's what I get for attempting to spellcheck? Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Its almost enough to make me want to go buy the deer a bale of alfalfa, haul it to the back, and hope that they'd be content. However, I have a "thing" about not feeding wildlife on purpose. (birds and squirrels beimg the exceptions) I don't think its right....I'll just have to stop pulling out all the privet babies and leave them for browse for the deer. The nice tasty flowers and foliage plants will go back to the dog's yard, and I'll enjoy watching the fawn frolic for the next few months. (I'm still wondering if there might be TWO babies...hidden in different locations)
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