Sunday, June 29, 2008

just one more...

I dunno what happened here ..this photo was supposed to be with the last blog but my computer gremlin ate it. By the way, the catfood cans aren't just "garbage"..I use them to measure sprinkler output. When they have an inch of water in them I shut the sprinkler off. Really! (Currently freaking out over the upcoming metered water bill.)
IKEA had these most wonderous LED lights last December. The string is about 25' long and the lights slowly change colors. I wish I'd gotten two strings. Anyhow, wrapped on a topiary ball frame they make a very cool earth/disco ball/party light don't you think?

One other note. I decided to give my plants a treat of fish fertilizer today. As I was mixing it up, I thought "hmmm. perhaps the deer won't like the smell of this!" So of course I managed to slosh it on everything, including myself, and now the yard smells um, fishy, and I'm not exactly exuding a romantic essence myself...though a sturgeon would probably think otherwise. I've washed my hands more times than Lady Macbeth. I've used soap, dish detergent, fresh lemon...still smell like a dead fish....good thing I don't have to go to work tomorrow..
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