Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A DAY of mowing

three tanks of gas. still not done, but its looking better. The BIG mower went to the mower hospital this morning. It will come home to eat the chasmanthe in about 2 weeks. The little mower is cowering in the tool shed, taking a much needed break. Good thing this was tackled yesterday cuz I smacked the 2nd to the littlest toe into a pile of magazines this morning and now just walking is a challenge. Never had such a technicolor toe before. Shoes are out. It will be a "socks only" week at work. ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leslie said...

wow...what a lot of mowing you have! And I'm sorry about your toe...there should be a law against getting hurt during spring when there is so much to get done!

Andrea said...

You poor thing. I couldn't imagine having to mow that much grass. In fact we ripped all our grass out out back. Looks like you have quite a huge yard though. I'm envious. Hope your wittle toe feels better.