Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

"Queen's tears" aka Billbergia nutans. Its a tough little plant with very rewarding blooms. The heaviest blooming is early spring but it has been known to bloom sporadically through the summer. Please ignore the baby Texas privet.
If I had a dime for every privet that pops up on this place I'd be going to Tahiti. Same goes for plums. And pecan trees. and vinca major. and wild garlic and/or onion. CHASMANTHE. There is another "weed" that pops up all over this place but its so cute that I don't mind it at all. me a minute...ah! Impatiens balfourii!
Scilla peruviana. Another bulb that almost becomes a "weed" here. But how can you not like it? All those perfect little blue stars and the purple bud-babies? There is another variety on this place that grows taller but with a more spear-like blossom end...rather than the "conical ball" shape of this one. I dunno what it is. Scilla something. I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow. IF the wind isn't blowing! Everything became a moving target in today's breeze. My brother calls everything that he can't ID "A Peruvian lily!"
Trees. Vines. Unusual annuals. Its his cop-out. ;>)

Someday I may learn how to make the photos and the verbage all line up. This paragraph is supposed to go along with the Chinese ground orchid photo. It IS lined up right now but the little computer elves change things somewhere between edit and publish. Anyhow, this is Bletilla striata. I was given some yellow ones last year by my gardening buddy but I can't remember where I planted them! They also come in white. Or did she give me white and we only considered yellow? I dunno.

The huge clem bud is beginning to open! I swear that I will eat Bambi's mother if she eats it. She dined heartily on another clem only 15' away from this buxom one last week.
I probably should attempt to cover it with chicken wire.

Pardon my typos. I am tired and about to lurch off to dreamland. 'night all! Posted by Picasa

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