Sunday, April 22, 2007

there must be a Blogging for Dummies book?

New Blogger?! Well, I just got used to using OLD blogger! I am having a heck of a time trying to figure all this out. Like, where did my photos go? They were "in the tray" on my Picasa site but something turned left when I asked it to go right and now they are floating around in funky cyberspace? Still in the tray? Where's my wine? I think I "only" sprained my toe cuz it still hurts. Angela thinks I need a 12 step program for my pot addiction...flower pot(s) that is. (don't go getting all huffy on me.) True I am supposed to be paring down, not collecting. A move is possibly coming up next spring. (I don't really believe this but rumor has it...) But Raley's has the coolest pots for cheap.......I just had to buy 3. (THAT, Angela, is your fault. I used to be content to buy things in onesies and twosies but YOU buy things in threesies and fivesies!) Its rubbing off. And my brother and I are going on an adventure the end of prepared for photos (if I can figure out how to post them again) of beautiful downtown Rugby, North Dakota! (Did I just hear a chortle?) Ramble, ramble. Hope to post pictures of the spring color in the yard. Hope to do that before August. toodles~


Angela said...

I buy plants in threesies and fivesies... not pots. I like a pair of pots if they will flank something (like an entry). Otherwise, one will do. Uno. Un. 1.

I have too many pots, too, so I try to cluster them together for a slightly more cohesive look.

There is a Blogging for Dummies book, but you're probably better off using Blogger Help and user forums.

weeder1 said...

Well, the threesies and fivesies from the plant kingdom purchases just bled on over to my pot addiction. p.s. if New Blogger is "easier" then why don't my photos slide right on over like they did on Old Blogger? Yeah, I need the book. ;>)

Angela said...

Are you using Picasa 2 to blog your photos?