Monday, June 29, 2009


OOPS! Somebody forgot to check the cucumber vines yesterday. The excuse, of course, is that it was 108° and since I am a Pansy, sticking my hot arms into a bunch of stickly-prickly cucumber vines & leaves just didn't sound like much fun. Not that it sounded like fun this evening either but its only 100° out and zucchini sized cucumbers are just wrong. I believe those are tomatoes
# 5 and #6. Can hardly wait for the Early Girls to catch up to the Sweet One Millions. The little melon, whose name has slithered off my brain once again, has gone from tennis ball size to baseball size. I don't think they are to get much bigger than a softball...I could be wrong...Wait. Are tennis balls and baseballs the same size? They aren't are they?

My left pointy finger still hurts from its sudden altercation with the very sharp, very serrated steak knife last night. I bought one of those funny looking splints for it this morning just so it wouldn't keep getting slammed into something at work. Also bought a package of "assorted finger cots" which look like teensy condoms and which work well to keep bandaged fingers dry. That was stupid. Now I have no excuse to ignore the dirty dishes.
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Bill Stankus said...

Sounds like it's time for a milk shake at Sambo's on Fair Oaks or the Dairy Bar on Marconi ... maybe a root beer at the A&W near LS!

(I wish!)

btw today, here the temp was 72 w/ light breeze.

weeder1 said...

All three of those places are LONG gone. Sambo's spot is the parking lot for Burger King, The A & W is a car lot or auto repair place, and the dairy Bar is a car wash!Woe is me.

Bill Stankus said...

Oh, I know. I did a Google tour of Carmichael with their "Street view" thing. All the past is gone and the town really doesn't look like it has a town center - just continuous standard fare businesses.

weeder1 said...

you gotta admit that Beautiful downtown Carmichael has never been beautiful. The residentual areas are very nice (used to be nicer) but FOB is an ugly stretch of road bewteen Oak and Manzanita.