Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You lookin' at ME?

Any day (maybe any moment) now DOEreen is gonna have her babies hidden somewhere so Phoebe-dawg and I will have to pay close attention so that we don't suffer the wrath of mama. It is truly amazing how she will just materialize before our very eyes..her disappearing act is every bit as good. Last year she hid the boys a hundred or more feet apart for a few weeks, as is the proper deer protocol. This was my first close up and personal experience with does & fawns and I was happy to learn that I really wasn't seeing things as in "Wait a minute. Weren't you just hiding under the euonymus in the front yard..and now you are peeking at me from behind the Bunya-bunya in the back?"

Poor Phoebe loses her freedom in the big yard most of the summer but by fall, Doereen no longer threatens to smash her flat with those little sharp, pointy hooves. During the winter and spring they just look at each other, Phoebe happily wagging her tail and Doereen just contemplating while chewing her cud.

Its a pretty peaceable kingdom here.
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Bill Stankus said...

So, what's venison going for these days?

weeder1 said...

now Bill! Actually, I never liked the taste of vennison. It left a metallic taste in my mouoth. And the elk I've eaten was like chewing on an old boot. ;>)

weeder1 said...

I meant MOUTH. my fingers seem to enjoy hitting more keys than they are supposed to.

Bill Stankus said...

Your critters don't take dictation for you? And you feed them so well!