Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice!

The tomato plant (yes, that's just one) is NOT on steroids. However, its roots ARE buried in the gleanings from the compost pile. It seems to be very happy here in the dog's yard. It is safe from those cute little deer who peer longingly through the gate.

The cucumber vines have already given me 6 picklers..of course they are being eaten raw..not yet enough for a jar of cukes anyway. This morning I discovered a little melon. I have, naturally, forgotten the name of it but it looks like a mini watermelon. I have the name somewhere. They are supposed to be bigger than a softball but smaller than a soccer ball when ripe.

Inbetween the big Early Girl and the cukes is a Sweet One Million cherry tomato. The plant is tiny but absolutely loaded with 1" tomatoes. I can hardly wait to just stand out there and graze. Much as I am enjoying this cool weather (70's and 80's) the tomatoes revel in the occasional HOT day. We do need more HOT days. We've not had our usual quota of June HOT days this year. (I'm not really complaining.)

I may succumb to the Papyrus Temptation today. I've fondled and left a very nice specimen, at Target of all places, twice now.... but the third time might be my undoing. Heck, its only $19.99 and its 5' tall.. It could live in a little water garden.. somewhere...that's my delimma. WHERE? Here I am, trying so hard to plant drought resistant things and I get the bug for a wateraholic. Did I mention that I am lusting for a lotus also? oh dear, oh dear........

Right now I must attempt to make myself presentable to go join my nephew (his birthday today) and his father (father's day) for brunch. We are heading for Yuba City and The Dancing Tomato. It is reported to have very yummy food.
(Interesting that my nephew has now passed me in age by at least 5 years...
History claims that I was 14 when he arrived...history is twisted.)

Wouldn't you just know that I have to drive right past Target on my way home... hmmmmmmmm.......

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Laurie in Maine said...

I was reading your older blog entries and noticed you "wondered how to get blogger to let you show more than 4 or 5 pictures". Pretty sure you can back and upload 4 or 5 more after the first ones finish. It just makes you do a few at a time. (my daughter told me ;)