Friday, January 16, 2009

regular computer is still in the hospital

So everyone please keep your fingers crossed that Wizard Paul can fix the darn thing...or at the very least, make it give up all my photos and address books.

Meanwhile, out in the yard...Most delightful to be pruning and weeding on an almost 70* day with the scent of narcissi and the notes from the neighbor's violin wafting through the air. I know next to nothing about violins but I swear you can almost see the notes float out of the neighbors' upstairs "music room" and ride the air currents over the tops of the olive blown bubbles. Who needs to know more than that visual? Suspect that a lot of work will get done in the front yard this year. Several years ago I got a lot of work done in the back because the then high-school boy who lived back there would practice his guitar outside. Not rock n roll but classical. MMMMMMMMM!!! Such talent! (don't get me wrong, I like rock n roll..especially the "old" stuff, and disco makes me "work out" while I'm working...out...) But weeding is wonderful while listening to nouveau flamenco and pretending to be someplace more exotic than Carmichael, California.

The camellias are blooming. My brother's violets are too..not mine. But mine will smell nice and his just look purdy.

The gate got a fresh coat of red paint today. So did the tin hen. The two hideous Christmas themed tin stars got several coats of white primer and look so nice that they are now hanging on the fence. Who knows what color they will be..maybe they'll just remain white. They are almost classy without the crappy Santa mug and the dorky reindeer on them. They are hanging with the yellow star. (Yellow with purple splotches thanks to the birdies.)I see my nozzle finger is still red. As in paint. Probably should clean that off before I go to work tomorrow and freak some poor customer out.!



chuck b. said...

I hate it when my computer breaks. They're so cheap now, I've come to think of them as disposable. Terrible, I know, but if I have to spend $400 or whatever for a new cheap-o laptop every other year, I'm not going to sweat it.

My uncle's family lived in Carmichael when I was a kid. We used to go rafting and could get out somewhere near his place. Can't remember if that was the American River or the Sacramento River..? Anyway, that was always a lot of fun.

weeder1 said...

Most likely you rafted on the American River. The Sac is way too slow. And brown. The American R is crystal clear and yes, very much fun to float down.