Wednesday, January 14, 2009

no photos for awhile

My photos are all safely tucked away in the camera. Its the computer that is the issue. THIS computer does not have Picasa or those fun little programs that allow one to look at videos or attachments...yes, there are little pop up sorts of things that say "click here to install.." but nothing happens when I do that other than there's some sort of coded message in geekspeak, which I don't understand, and I'm so afraid of screwing this back-up computer up that I just won't explore. So call me a sissy. I don't care. The HP Slimline with VISTA (gag! ARghhh!) has decided that it won't turn back on. The sexy blue light at the on/off switch lights up but that little orange light that indicates all is well and working in the lower center of the machine is not glowing. (its probably full of pet hair and dust) And no, things are not backed up because the cute little slidy-out drawer thingie where one would place a CD? Yeah? Well, it has refused to open for about a year. And this computer does not have one of those teensy holes into which some folks stick the open end of a paper clip into and which then tickles the door/drawer into opening.
Do you think that if I place the dead computer under my pillow that the Computer Fairy will leave me a new one in its place? No? Well damn.That means I can either #1. Wait for my Handsome, Charming, Very Smart, Computer-wise Son to fix it in about a month or #2. I can attempt to unplug it from all the extra-terrestrial things its plugged into (keyboard,printer,monitor,speakers, power) and haul it to work give to my give to her husband (SuperGeek) in the hopes HE can fix it. I'm just afraid that I'll inadvertently screw up this back-up computer in the process. (the two are joined by some sort of toggle switch and this one runs on something that reminds me of lions and elephants; Ubuntu. I don't speak that language either.
Why do I never, ever hear of MAC users having these problems? Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Note to self; Win lottery. Buy a MAC.)


Bill Stankus said...

Mac good. PC questionable.

EAL said...

Macs rock. They are the bloggers' computer, particularly the garden bloggers' who need gorgeous imagery.