Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who needs a gym?

This beautiful pile of chipped up trees and shrubbery greeted me when I got home from my real job Thursday evening. Since I'm not moving to Oregon afterall, I decided that there were (are) lots of pathways and bare areas that need(ed) a good 6" layer of woodchips to foil the mud clumps that otherwise stick to the feet of those who dwell here in the winter.
This is (was) the pile by Monday evening. I shoulda weighed myself Friday morning and again Monday eve. I'm pretty sure my jeans are looser! Now I am looking for one of those Shiatsu massaging thingies that can be placed in a comfy chair for "massage on demand". I don't think I can wait until Christmas.

I've also got orders in for at least two more loads of chips. Three would probably be best. It has been a few years since the pathways were last "mulched" and the Mud Fairies have once again taken over. Ok, the Dust Fairies are in control for now, but eventually the rains will return. Won't they?
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Angela said...

You are a magician! Or Wonder Woman! Or both! Those Shiatsu chair things are great! You earned it.

weeder1 said...

Perhaps I'm simply INSANE!