Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amaryllis by Morning

This has been a bumper crop year for Naked Ladies. (amaryllis belladonna) Perhaps they really do prefer very droughty conditions because though I've watered much less this summer, the Amaryllis (amaryllisi?) have been popping up since early August, and are STILL surprising me. They have come up in places I'd never seen them before. They bloomed in pots (had planned on taking some with me when I moved) so so much for the "do not disturb" theory. They supposedly like well drained soil..I guess my hardpan drains well enough.

I have been trying to post a slide show of all the different clumps of blooming Amaryllis but for some reason (Vista?) that hasn't worked the 42 times I've tried this past week. I'll keep trying because they are quite lovely as well as prolific.

What a surprise in the Bletilla striata bed!
And a potted surprise!
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Protege said...

I have only seen amaryllis grow in pots, NEVER out wild.;) My mother especially can grown beautiful plants. Here in Scandinavia people have them in their homes in full bloom for Christmas.:)