Sunday, September 07, 2008

ahhhh. Compost!

One morning last week I forked the first third of the left compost bin into the other compost bin. (Duh. The first TWO thirds. The third third went into the flower bed!) The mornings have been cool and lovely to work in. I am lucky not to have to leave for work until 10:00a.m. so I can gets lots done.

My brother made these duo bins for me several years ago. I'd only had to whine for two years before he caved in.

This little feller was filled twice with the nice compost and yes, some of the yummy dirt from the bottom of the bin. This thing holds a bit more than 5 gallon bucket-load.

This is the litle flowerbed that benefited from the compost. Things are rather crammed into this bed because, until I decided to make a flower bed in the dog's yard, this was the only fenced area available. (deer you know.)

Since I'm not moving to Oregon afterall, the bazillion things that had been living in pots for the past 2 years, are now getting to live in the ground...hence the crowding. I like the crowding but it is a bit of a challenge to weed. And as you can see, not everything has been unpotted yet.

Potted things that the deer had been ignoring are suddenly being tasted by the fawns so sometimes pots just get moved into the fenced area with the promise of later planting.
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Bill Stankus said...

I'm curious ... in the middle picture, there's a nice big diameter rain water down spout... I can't recall Carmichael getting much rain ... Of course it's been a long time since I was there but I mostly remember fog and drizzle.

weeder1 said...

Average yearly rainfall is 19.87". January is the wettest month with an average rainfall of 4.18. Granted, nothing like the PNW but wet just the same. I've had rivers running down my 200' driveway and a nice lake just south of the house for weeks at a time..but not for the past few years.
We've not had any rain since April. Or perhaps May. Things are very dry.
Folsom Lake is a puddle. Again.