Thursday, September 25, 2008


What to do with a nice ceramic birdbath, an old rusty wheel rim and a too-heavy-to-move olive tree stump? Well............ You stack them all together and voila! And my dear friend, Angela, suggested that I plant succulents in the nooks and crannies of the root mass. Capital idea!

The birdbath itself wouldn't balance on the uneven root tangle so it had been on an ugly board..which was a'tilt, which made the water uneven and just looked tacky. Of course, it was that way for months. Maybe even years.

The rusty rim used to be something that hung from the Pineapple guava and actually held a rolled up hose..when I bothered to roll up the hose...No wait. It must have hung from the olive tree that was next to the guava. The olive went down in last winter's wind storm. (different olive tree, yes) The rim has been just hangin' out and looking tacky.

Olive wood is tough as nails so this stump should be able to accomodate the birdbath AND a succulent garden for many years. Oh I just can't wait to get out there with my cactus & palm potting mix and a bunch of succulents tomorrow!!!

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