Sunday, March 02, 2008

This n that

This fabulous Cymbidium orchid is happily living in an overcrowded pot on the front porch of my friends, Karen & Brett. Now I'm gonna HAVE to have one of my own, dontcha know? I've had good luck with two of the three orchids in the house (a Phalaenopsis and a um, bigger one..."Dtps." and darned if I can remember what that stands for.)
Recently the little buck discovered the pile of cracked corn that was intended for the rooster. When he tired of the corn, he ate a few leaves and most of the berries off the near-by Nandina.
His mama had been busily deleafing the Texas privets, much to my delight. She then came closer to the house to see what
sort of potted things would make a good dessert and stomped a front foot at us (the dog and I) because we had the audacity to be on the other side of the window and taking pictures. I just hope they aren't leaving us any ticks...

The American and Lesser Goldfinch have been thick on the feeders the past several weeks. This is only one of their feeding stations. Foolish person that I am, there are a total of 9 Nyjer feeders scattered around the yard. Very good thing that I get a discount on my seed! (their seed)
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