Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been tagged!

Ohforcryingoutloud! Lisa Lynch has tagged me. Angela (Garden Bliss) tagged me last year but I failed to play along. Her "tag" was to list 5 things I was thankful for and I just couldn't limit it to 5 so gave up. Sorry Ange! In my 40's my life script was being written by Mel Brooks. Now, 20 years later, he has set it aside and I'm just bumbling along on my own.

1. ok. So yes, I too am a native Californian. Born in Sacramento. Escaped to Oregon when I was 21. Came back down here 12 years ago but have been trying to get moved back up there for at least the past 5. Oregon feels like home to me. Besides, I have a son and daughter up there. Also 5 grand-bunnies and a grand-cat.

2. I once drew cartoons for "The National Woolgrower" magazine, had a (not very good) cartoon published in Baxter Black's book, "Coyote Cowboy Poetry",and had my own greeting card business for a couple of years. No, I don't doodle any more.

3. I've raised horses, sheep cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, goats, calves, kids (as in children), and many gardens.

4. I am VERY computer-challenged.

5. I have been blessed with great friends my whole life. They all have well developed funny bones, are all slightly crazy, and are all wonderful people. Who could ask for more?


Lisa M. Lynch said...

Hey Weeder... I'm so glad you did the five things. I wish I could see your cartoons.

I'm a farm girl at heart, but I've never had the chance to express that. I've always lived in closed-in neighborhoods. I envy you.

I also love your creativity. Your photos show that you can think outside the box (oh, cliche) and it sure appears to add some fun and spice to your life.

I hope you can get to Oregon one of these days, soon. We'll just be here, waiting for you...

weeder1 said...

Thanks Lisa!

Bill Stankus said...

You grew up in what could be easily called the Modern Golden Era of California. Newbies can only guess at the joys of That Time.