Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morn

Not a very good job of hiding the eggs but then, some of us can't see the obvious so this may still be a challenge...
Maud's sister, Judi, is wearing her Easter bonnet. Good thing she has some sort of hat on because her hair is a total mess.
Kaffir lily in almost full glory.
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Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I love the big eggs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Weeder~

My apologies for a random comment, but I didn't know how else to reach you. My name is Eric and I have been searching the web for a pic to help identify a houseplant we've been having some trouble with....

I found your blog linked to a gardener's community site. The middle pic from your December 2007 post "Little did I know" features the plant we have. It's the matte purple flower that resembles a butterfly.

The closest thing I could find is Christia Obcordata and/or Christia Vespertilionis, neither of which is quite right. I'd be comfortable not knowing its name if I knew how to adequately care for it. It is an indoor plant (we live in Montana), is thinning out (it used to be glorious), and its leaves are getting paler and paler (some are even "burnt" and dry).

Yours is lovely. What do you do?

Please help me save this beautiful plant.


Eric Abbott

weeder1 said...

Dear Eric, I think you are referring to that pot of purple Oxalis, Silver Scrolls Heuchera, and Cordyline? If its the Oxalis that you "see" as being butterfly-like, it does go dormant in the summer..or at some point..who knows what the poor thing is feeling like after being "forced" in a greenhouse. ;>) We have other types of Oxalis here in N. California that go dormant in the winter and bloom in the spring. Some varieties can become invasive so are best in pots. Maybe if you just let it rest, ease up on the water, and be patient, it will return. Mine is looking a bit scraggly right now too.