Sunday, May 20, 2007

lucious lilies

I bought this one at the much maligned Home Depot recently. It just begged to come home with me. My plant-a-holic friend sort of rolled her eyes but didn't try to talk me out of it. (she was thinking; "You dummie. You bought that same one last year.) It has bloomed and bloomed and bloomed over the past several weeks and it isn't done yet!
THIS one, I bought LAST year but of course, had forgotten what color it was. My friend said "I'm pretty sure its just like the one you bought a few weeks ago." (yes, she was rolling her eyes again!) :>) She really is pretty patient with me. But golly, how could you not want more of them? They are splendiferous!

Today I had to stop at HD to get more string for the weed-whacker. This yellow lily leapt off the shelf, wrapped its fat buds around my neck and begged to come home with me. What else could I do but comply? There was also a pale, pale peachy one whispering to me but I managed to escape without it.
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Leslie said...

I think they are beautiful, too! And it is very nice of you to give them a loving home. They are far and away nicer to look at than the "dog vomit"...

Kylee said...

I have that same orange lily! I got mine at Walmart last year. Pixie something-or-other. I love them! Mine aren't blooming yet, though.

weeder1 said...

"Crimson Pixie" is the name of the orange one but the yellow one just came with the generic "assorted lilies" tag.
And hey, I think the fresh "dog vomit" is a nice shade of yellow too! ;>)
Lilies are just so fun aren't they!?