Thursday, May 17, 2007

dog vomit and odd colored pots

By evening of the day the slime mold began creeping across the sidewalk, it was no longer such a pretty mass of yellow but looking more like its name. Now, several days later, it sends up great clouds of chocolate brown spoores (Spoor? sheep=sheeps?) when blasted with a stream of water. Interesting stuff. I remember the first time I spotted this stuff on Mom's compost pile. Without sniffing and going solely on looks, I thought the neighbor's cat had diarrhea. Many times. In many places.
Raley's grocery store offered up quite a collection of inexpensive pots this spring. I kept looking at the Pepto Pink and the Tomato Soup Orange ones and wondering what on earth could be planted in them that wouldn't look like well, dog vomit. So of course I had to buy the smallest versions and play with the palette of plants at the nurseries. Actually, that's not quite true. My friend and I did find the cool pink & green sedum at Home Depot before I fell victim to another bout of pot-headedness. (I woke up in the middle of the night thinking "Isn't it morning yet?? I HAVE to go buy that PINK POT!")

The orange pot was purchased first and then taken to Windmill Nursery whereupon I decided on the Million Bells. I already had the coleus.

Its a wonder that I didn't also buy the pale blue, and the 1950's kitchen appliance green pots. And wasn't there yet another ghastly color?
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