Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I might be back.....

Can't remember how to do this.. sort of flying by the seat of my gardening pants.. the ones with the holes in both hind pockets due to never remembering to use the holster for my pruning shears. My buddy, Angela, has awakened this blog.... now its up to me to remember how to add photos and such gibberish as this. This entire thing looks so much different than it did 3 years ago! Well then, I suppose I do too.

Well, well! Lookie here! In real life this artichoke bloom is absolutely electric, neon, BLUE. I much prefer to feast on the flowers with my eyes than on the buds with my mouth. They're okay, but I get a bigger thrill out of the flower show. Tomatoes, on the other hand... much better to eat the fruit than the flowers. My brother has ripe tomatoes already. I may not speak to him for a month. Ha! He did give me 6 baby Vitex trees today. He complains about the one I gave him years ago.. it now shades his house, but its beautiful in bright blue plumage. Mine, planted at the same time but in less sunshine (until recently) blooms a pale pink with a few bracts of blue here and there. The babies will be planted to screen my property from the neighbors. (They do grow quickly)

Must get some sleep... tomorrow is a work day. I wonder if this will actually post? G'night all.

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suejenn said...

Remember my huge vitex? Your new vitex trees will bring so much more wildlife to your gardens. The flying kind I mean!!! ;-)