Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deer herd

Twins have arrived! Actually, they arrived on the 5th. the littlest one was the size of a scrawny cat, with crooked legs and a bushel of cuteness. It is straightening up on all fours now and galloping around with its sibling at meal times. They are still bedded down in separate places but I see one or the other not minding mom and doing little dash-abouts when she isn't looking. This is the 2nd baby. It was very hard for me not to reach down and pick it up! I am a firm believer in letting wild animals BE wild animals and I don't think its fair to them to "tame" them. That being said, I do work at living in harmony with them. Mama will stand within feet of me and chew her cud and that's as tame as she and I will subscribe to. Anyhow, I had to make myself stand very still until the fawn wandered off, and then I wandered off, muttering lines from Dr Seuss's book Are You My Mama?

Here are the twins with mama 9 days later. (note; that is not an odd horn sticking our of the doe's head but a stick in the background.) Yesterday I found chunks of what looked like liver where Mama had been resting. 9 days seems like a long time to hold on to a placenta! They're all doing fine, the doe is still trying to chase her yearling son out of the yard but he refuses to go. I have to let Mother Nature deal with it but its sure hard not to interfere. Calling him Venison" means not a thing to him. (he's safe, I never cared for the taste of venison)

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