Friday, June 27, 2014

Apparently I was blind last night because I couldn't find anything to harvest from the garden when I got home from work. But look what greeted me this morning! I see a bowl full of nummyness in my future. I did harvest zucchini yesterday which was then shared with Neighbor Karen and Co-Worker, Kelly. Plus I had some for lunch. (I was afraid to even look at the squash plants this morning.) the pumpkin vine is now growing at an alarming rate but the gourds are rather ho-hum about this entire growing thing. They are maybe 7" tall. There will be peppers soon, and corn. The corn was really only planted for fall decorating with the dry stalks but darned if all six plants don't sport cobs. (99 cent store..2 to a pot)

Got a wee bit of mowing done this morning... still a little bit of very dry grass in the orchard... mostly dust. I will attempt more mowing this evening and again early tomorrow morning. With the 4th of July coming up and local idiots with illegal fireworks its rather a scary time of the year. I have found spent bottle rockets back there in the past... luckily they were dead before hitting the ground. Much as I like firemen, having a grass fire in my back 40 is NOT how I want to meet them. (though, of course, they would be invited!)

This is Jasmine and her 3 week old twins. They are only tame enough not to panic when they see me and to know that this 2.5 acres is a safe haven for them. Since people keep building houses and then walling them off from the world, the deer have been moving into the suburbs. All the acres near the river, except for the parkway and the golf course, have been taken over by humans so, the deer move. There were no deer on this property until about 14 or 15 years ago.  Jasmine's mama, Doereen, had quite a few babies here but then got hit by a car when Jasmine was a yearling and shortly before she (Doereen) was going to deliver probably another set of twins. Jasmine had a buck baby last year. He was her first. She finally chased him off last week but now I see a spike (2 yr old) buck hanging around. She doesn't seem to mind his presence. 

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