Sunday, February 06, 2011

shovels, chickens

Decided today would be a good day to remove the old Purple Trumpet Vine stump because the ground is damp, the sun is hot (wait! This is February? its at least 70° outside!) and the girls were eager to help me. I am finding that my body is not yet over the nasty cold it came down with a week ago and is still in LAZY mode. Would you believe I had to come in and exchange the t-shirt for a tank top! In February. Oh well, aren't I always proclaiming "Spring arrives in February!"? Yes I am. And yes it does... in Northern California.

so then the shovel broke and I left the girls to finish digging out the stump. For some reason I do not have a lot of faith in them completing the job. I was needing (no I wasn't) another shovel for signage anyway. Need one that says "Make Compost, Not War!" (there must be at least 12 handle-less shovels on this place)
Either I am stronger than I thought or they just don't make 'em like they used to. Perhaps I could buy a shovel with a man attached. No, TOO expensive. On many levels.

Suppose I ought to mosey back outside to see how far Carla and Bette have gotten on the stump project. May have to coax Amelia, Verna and Methuselah to join in. If there were a way to do a deep infusion of bread smell under the stump, Phoebe the Wonder Dog would have it out in a heartbeat. There are Drug Dogs, Cadaver Dogs, all sorts of dogs.. I have a Bread Dog.

OK. Going back outside to bake the rest of this cold out of my head & breathing apparatus. AND another shovel, I must locate another shovel!
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Katie said...

This post totally cracked me up. On so many levels. Hope you feel better soon and that the girls have successfully removed the stump.

Bill said...

There are options. For example, dynamite is much faster than a shovel. Plus you'll get that swimming pool you've always wanted.

weeder1 said...

Bill did you know that when they planted these olive orchards they used dynamite to make the holes? True story.

Bill said...

Carmichael hardpan ... I remember!