Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink Flamingos

Meet Dulcy and Mahar. They just flew in and were named in honor of my favorite Portland, Oregon garden writer, Dulcy Mahar.. who's garden I would love to see sometime.

I used to think pink flamingos were about the tackiest things around but then, something happened about 10 years ago and I suddenly had a flock of them. Apparently someone else liked them too because they all vanished one spring. Mind you they were on the yard side of the picketty fence, a good 25' from the road. Guess they should not have had their heads poking through the fence because, well, they vanished! Grrrrrr. These two will join the 6 who have come since the um, migration, but who have been content to stay up near the house where they are guarded by fearsome Attillas-The-Hens, Carla and Bette.

The sun is shining, its cold, but THE SUN IS SHINING so I am headed back outside to see what can be done without sinking into the muck and mire.
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