Monday, February 07, 2011

rootball, chickens, iris

The Girls are taking all the credit for finally removing the root ball. Harumpf. They DO get credit for snacking on lotsa bugs and wormies and for finding all the millet that the Dark Eyed Juncos & White Crowned Sparrows missed. (that's a stretch... because I see a flock of Juncos out there this morning busily gleaning.)
Wouldn't this make an interesting little table with a round piece of Plexiglas atop it? It will need a bit of leveling and it won't last long, but sure would be fun for a year or two. Phoebe's just in the shot for size comparison. Its a pretty poorly composed photo but you get the idea.
Can anyone tell me the proper name for this little winter blooming iris? Its only about 7" tall and blooms faithfully every winter.. with a few surprise blooms at other odd moments in time.
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