Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Poor Rodney. first off, he was supposed to be a she. He was the biggest of the day old chicks. He did indeed turn into a beautiful rooster. However, the itty bitty Banty rooster kept him away from the 4 hens and if Rodney did get near a hen, she loudly complained about his lack of tact. He even tried to challenge Doereen, the doe, who just looked at him and kept walking. Poor Rodney. He didn't show up for lock-up the other night and it was too dark by then to find a dark rooster under the trees and bushes. I don't know what happened, perhaps the itty bitty Banty had injured him and he just didn't want to come in. But the opossums found him and had a feast. Poor Rodney. rest in peace, Rodney. You were a sweet guy in spite of what the hens had to say.
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Lisa Paul said...

Oh poor Rodney!

Chickens are in our master plan, but I just know I'm going to lose some to all the varmints we have around here -- if not to a terrier.

I guess that will be the downside of free range, although we plan to build a Chicken Fort Knox for nighttime protection.

Will said...

Since we have really big hawks circling in the air currents, a coyote family howling from the woods and an occasional sighting of bobcats I suggest, when visiting, leave the chickens home.