Friday, July 02, 2010

new plants for me! Yea!

I had been wanting a Matilija poppy for a very long time.
I have also been wanting a Brugmansia for a long time. Today was the day. Didn't I just say that I can't go to the nursery and JUST ask a question? I didn't lie. I tried to be good but after Andrew ID'd my mystery plant I wandered around "just taking notes" mind you, when suddenly there were the Brugmansias! Holy Compost! HAD to get one... and then, since ya don't get "Daisy Dollars" unless you spend at least $20.00, I ran back to get the poppy. What a great day! This evening I will plant my new buddies in the spots that have been waiting months for them. and Doereen won't bother with either of them. (Unless she has an urge to cross the Rainbow Bridge, which I doubt.)
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

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