Monday, July 19, 2010


One of the young Wyandots (7 months) laid the first egg on July 1st. Mid-month, her egg mate started laying too.
Today, Amelia (the Barred rock) joined in the production. I'm thinking maybe its a good thing the 4th hen is a rooster. LOL
Verna, the old Buff Orpington, seems to be just fine in her retirement. She hasn't laid an egg in months. However, she is death on snails so still quite useful. It is interesting to see and feel how the successive eggs are growing in size. the first ones are small like Bantam eggs. these are still "small" but they are getting bigger. Actually, Amelia's egg (first one today) is bigger than the first eggs of the other two hens.
I thought hens didn't start laying until they were 6 months old.. these girls arrived as day old chicks in February. I didn't find any shelless eggs today.
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Lisa Paul said...

Chickens! How fun. I'm hoping to get some heritage breeds. Maybe Dominiques.

weeder1 said...

I wanted Dominiques but these were a bit of a surprise and also, free. They are docile and cute and producing so I can't complain. I've got a rooster I'll give you... LOL

weeder1 said...

Lisa, I'll have to take back my rooster offer. Seems he was dinner for a pack o'opossums last night. Poor Rodney. He never did get any respect.