Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is this?

The problem with going, crazed and without a garden buddy, to a plant sale is that sometimes one forgets to make sure that everything purchased has a name tag. I bought a gazillion different salvias..luckily, they all came home with name tags but this little guy or gal remains a mystery. I know that it was "under the table" and at the Morningsun Herb Farm's booth and that it had several kin and they all had at least one big sign with all the important info...but that does me not a whit of good now. Anybody know? (I should always have a chaperone with me at plant sales. I'd still get into trouble but at least I'd come home with all the proper name tags..or, if Angela is with me, she will REMEMBER what things are. (Youth and a Hort. degree will do that.)

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EAL said...

is it a type of basil? Otherwise I'd never take it for an herb.

weeder1 said...

Nope, its not a Basil.