Thursday, March 19, 2009


Though I complain a LOT about all the chasmanthe that I unwittingly spread on this place, it IS definately a swath of bold color beginning in February and lasting through March.

Yesterday I discovered another reason to like Chasmanthe; the birds like it! There were several Yellow-rumped (Audubons) Warblers drinking nectar from the blossoms. Hummingbirds also enjoy feasting at it, no surprise there.

Phoebe, however, isn't overly impressed by the sticky spots on her face and head from the nectar splashing her as she bounds through the Chasmanthe maze.

I probably wouldn't mind the stuff so much myself if it didn't require mowing before it turns into a fire hazard.
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chuck b. said...

Yeah, might as well just enjoy it. If I had more room, I might have some myself.

weeder1 said...

You could grow a pot..and pick the flowers before the seeds fall...Let me know if you want some..seeds or bulbs.