Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fabulous neighbors!

This is chip pile #2. It is mostly, if not all, eucalyptus judging by the nice odor. Some of us were smart enough to actually wear the provided masks, others of us will probably cough for a few days. Breathing dusty-moldy air is probably not the healthiest of activities. Luckily there was a brisk wind blowing the cloud of dustmold away from us.
I thought I wanted to move back to Oregon. What was I thinking? And leave wonderful, crazy, fun neighbors like this behind? Karen, Jan, Elisa and David moved, in 90 minutes, the amount of chips it took me four days to move by myself. Plus they all took some excess plantlife from my overcrowded space to theirs. We now must decide who's yard gets The Crew next.

This is where the pile went. There WAS a photo of what's left of The Pile but my computer just ate it. Looks like she-who-knows-not-how-to-use-her-camera (that would be moi) had macro on for this shot. oops. This is the 25' x 75' not-so-secret-garden that will eventually sport mostly native plants. It will be pretty eventually, trust me. There is still much vinca major, Bermuda, mint, and other things to remove and then some of the existing plants will be divided and moved hither and yon. Or yawn. Unfortunately this shot does not show either of the two OBAMA signs posted. It does show the American flag which I've decided is NOT just the symbol of the republicans. Its OUR flag too. I'm not a "flag waver" but I am tired of the assumption that only republican houses post our flag.

I love my neighbors!
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Bill Stankus said...

Mulch Mulch Mulch ... (Hear the horns and drums!) ... it's the Mulch Of The Neighborhood Improvement Committee!

My turn, now send 'em this way!

chuck b. said...

Perfect timing for a huge chip pile, with the rains and all. You'll get more mushrooms from that for sure. Pretty much all of Golden Gate Park is mulched with Euc chips.