Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ahhhh. My favorite time of the year! No matter how crappy the weather may be ahead, we know that there will be more sunny days than dreary days. We are over the hump! I'd jump up and click my heels but that would probaby result in serious bodily harm which would keep me from playing in the dirt. Bad enough that I always over-do things on the first really nice day and then ache in strange places for the next 48 hours. Inbetween admiring the first "scrambled egg plant" flowers (a jasmine) and swooning over the Flowering
Quince and a couple of violets, I managed to do a wee bit of plum tree pruning at my nephew's, pot up some Primroses, cut down all of last year's ginger canes, smell the Daphne, re-fill the bird feeders, prune the juniper, do the doggie-doody duties, and clean the birdbaths.
It is possible that tidying up this yard is an exercise in futility because IF the sale goes through, ohhh, we don't even want to think about the developer's destruction...but IF the sale falls flat due to our sinking economy, then I won't have months of clean-up to do. I'll still be on top of it...more or less. Besides, I still LIVE here. I have my pride. ;>) And I have less money for groceries because I wandered into BelAir yesterday only to be greeted by this SUN, which insisted that it go home with me. At least it isn't some calorie-loaded edible thing that I'll regreat having eaten.
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