Monday, February 04, 2008

h My Gosh! Its February!

Found some little snowdrops in bloom this week and the buds are swelling on the chasmanthe. A few more days of sunshine and the colors will start dazzling our eyes! The daylight is noticibly longer now too. This is always a good sign and a reason to jump for joy. (Although, jumping for joy right now would have muddy consequences) I hope to jump for joy tomorrow night when Barack Obama
wins the primary in California. My p.u. has sported his bumper sticker since last August, my front yard would love to join in with an
Obama for President sign soon. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this is Mom's green rose; Rosa chinensis viridiflora. It isn't going to win any beauty pagents but it has a very interesting personality. Curiousier and curiouser, the deer have left this variety alone.
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