Monday, December 17, 2007

A dark and damp December day

I don't do dreary well and since I've been grazing on my lettuce patch rather heavily, it seemed the logical thing to do would be to visit my local nursery to replenish the crop. The lettuce was the main reason for stopping at Windmill but you know, you can't just dash in and dash out of a NURSERY! Ya might miss something!
But dash I did..ok, it was a sprightly mosey..but these Primulas caught mine eyes as I headed out the door with the lettuce. They're just too cute, don't you think? And they are now safely potted up in Phoebe's yard where the deer can't eat them. Dunno why I didn't get four of them, which would have fit perfectly in this pot. The little Billbergia wasn't very well seated with its siblings so it got to move in with the Primmys. Looks rather silly there. I like that.
Phoebe was hoping that I'd brought her yet another treat. Fortunately, she hasn't made the connection between what is growing in the half barrels and what she licks up from my "empty" salad bowl. Yeah, my dog does my dishes. Wanna come over for lunch? (just kidding. She "rinses them" and I do wash them with real soap and hot water.) Really. I do.
This half barrel grew basil and tomatoes over the summer. It probably should have some peas growing in it too.
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Sue Swift said...

It may be dark and damp, but you seem to have some good stuff growing. the lettuce made me want salad for dinner ... but I suspect the supermarket stuff wouldn't be the same :(