Thursday, December 06, 2007

cleaning gutters

Cleaning gutters used to be kinda fun. I'd just get up on the roof (its flat), enjoy the view, spy on the neighbors, and toss the leaf matter to the ground. But then getting off the roof and back onto the ladder became just too scary for this challenge-challenged gal. I haven't been up on the roof for years. Now I force myself to climb the ladder to "dip"into the gutters and sling the leafage ...only because it isn't really calming to watch waterfalls flow down
in front of the windows when we actually DO get rain.
Gutter compost does not have a nice earthy smell. This particular "brand" smells more like rotting olives. Do you suppose that is because the gutters are filled with olive leaves? Go figure! Anyhow, I finally figured out how to get self-cleaning gutters! You simply don't have them replaced for 50 years!
(In my defense, the sad truth is that the developers who bought this property will tear down the house so there is not much point in putting up a new gutter.)
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