Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pretty peppers


This fabulous string of peppers just arrived from Seattle thanks to my cousin and his partner! You too can have a string of beauty in you kitchen. Just go to
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Angela said...

It's gorgeous! When I was Googling "pepper craft", that was the prettiest swag I saw on the internet (via Wikipedia). It was so pretty that I even broke my rule about not linking to fuzzy photos.

You're lucky to have a "local shipper" because the website shipping is astronomical.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these great? I bought a few last fall as gifts and they were sooo popular I am now searching (and just found These swags are sure to be my number one gift for almost every occassion. Using the FED EX, which is CHEAP for getting to ALaska fast, and giving a long one as a house warming gift. I don't even like ppers of any kind but the colors and warmth are undeniably great. Website doesn't really do them justice. JMS