Sunday, July 22, 2007


Obviously I need to learn to always stick my finger in the pot before assuming that it contains a thirsty plant. I actually suspect that the roots got boiled on this poor Persian Shield. It's a hot spot in the morning in which anything would droop, but then it's shady the rest of the day. Obviously, when the potting soil bag says that it has water retaining gizmos in it, one should pay attention! the poor little Persian is reviving after a rather severe pruning. (They are tough, aren't they!) The other plants are doing fine, though I did move the lime green sweet potato vine to a shadier location.
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Bev said...

I love your Persian Shield. That plant is on my wish list and I've yet to see it in a nursery. Sure hope it recovers for you.

Cheryl said...

Golly Bev, WHERE are you? Almost all the nurseries in the Sacramento area carry Persian Shield. I hope you can find it. It really is pretty forgiving. Mine has two stalks that were,for some odd reason, not affected by my "boiling" them and the plant is making a come-back. yippee!

ericat said...

Those plants looks gorgeous together. Over here I do not know one of them. My garden is all succulents, we need to save water. The photo of the plant with the hanging leaves seem more like I know plants :-D
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