Monday, November 20, 2006


IF you were reading the blog of an organized person there would be a nice & tidy list naming all the plants in the photos. Well, you aren't! I know that the little blue tag belongs to something from Annie's Annuals...hmmm, wonder which something. Oh yes, there are books in my personal library which would tell me who's who (whom?) and what's what but that would mean taking the time to research, and write down, and...well, its just more fun to grow the darn things. Besides, it would get written down and then misplaced, only to surface some day when the kids have to plow through all my stuff after I've been composted, and by then the plants will have been transplanted into other things..maybe the ground even. Yeah, just easier to plant and enjoy.
The middle collection is actually a pre-planted pot from Home Depot. It is nestled in one of those fake urns one can buy at discount stores and then paint with amusement and abandonment. Golly, I do love spray paint!

The bottom photo includes the cool Cheshire cat planter that my daughter bought for me when we went to Mendocino about a bazillion years ago. Its plant is a Lewisia! (found the tag) There is also, in that photo, the ginormous aloe vera that I bought at the 99 Cent Store! And yes, it was dang near this big when I bought it! ('tis a wee bit tattered due to some chicken activity last spring) Anyhow, this is only part of the collection. I am afraid there is more...

Totally off the subject of plant life and spray paint, I am delighted that Fox decided against airing oj's story and book promotion. That is one sick man! I won't dignify him with caps.

I was supposed to play with my new camera but the grismalness of the day (fog. gray. dismal) turned me into a slug that alternately munched through the contents of the fridge and oozed into the cushions of the sofa with the dog and the cat.

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Angela said...

Nice, crispy photos! ;-)

Leslie said...

Must be a good area for succulentaholics...even now when I am hoping what I have makes it through the winter I have to restrain myself from "just one more because it looks so healthy"! And I have the same tag problem with my succulents...partly because so many have such generic tags!

Naturegirl said...

I also love succulents and now that the threat of Jack Frost in the air the Q. is {{{where to put them}}For now I have them in the kitchen by the french doors..lots of light.I need to organize them why do we collect s.o.o.
many!! :)Oh I love your kitty planter!