Monday, November 06, 2006

Autumnal colors

Scarlet the Oak is beautiful this time of the year but then, she's beautiful in her summer greens too. She's not so very pretty in the winter when she's clad in a dull brown though. She has grown at an alarming rate in the 8 or 9 years she's been planted here. She cost a small fortune...then a volunteer red oak came up near by and though slimmer, is almost as tall. And free. (she's the one in the orange/yellow/green duds in the 2nd photo) My brother and I planted Scarlet in memory of our parents...with the thought "its an oak! Nobody will be able to legally cut her down." Flawed, that. She's not a native. Our thoughts were pure.
Still, I hope that whomever buys this place someday does not bulldoze the entire 2.5 acres to build McMansions. Earth friendly "green" homes would be nice, especially if the builder left as many trees as possible. I just can't believe that there are not still folks out there who want a yard along with a house! If people don't want yards why don't they live in condos or apartments? I can't imagine being yardless! 2.5 acres, however, is a bit much.
The fawn was wandering around the yard by itself today. Mom was probably here too but I didn't see her. Note; Deer do not seem to care for coleus, begonias, lamium, kangaroo paw, vinca, iris, ginger, nor canna. Wouldn't it be nice if they "just loved" to eat Bermuda grass?

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C.C. said...

Really beautiful. My apricot was nice this year, not as spectacular as your oaks, but pretty none the less. It might have been redder if there was less of a warm spell. But the leaves are gone now. Just needing to be raked up and composted. Tomorrow perhaps.

Peggy said...

Lovely color. The oak that the scrub jay planted 6 years ago is beginning to get some good color the past couple years - in another 10 or so, it should be pretty spectacular. Scrub Jay, take a bow!