Friday, November 24, 2006


This is a photograph of my stomach after yesterday's wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Friend Karen's. I thought I'd filled my plate with demur helpings but once eaten, the helpings felt more like 4 fist-fulls. Oh my! Her son, Brett, had smoked the turkey in the bar-b-q and it was PERFECT; just smokey enough and not too smokey, moist, and super flavorful. Karen had sliced the sweet potatoes and baked them with walnuts and other magical ingredients (sorry, can't remember the details. Brain was in slow mode aka digestive fog), the dressing included mushrooms and pine nuts. There were cold green beans with bacon and tomatoes, smashed potatoes with gravy, cole slaw, whole berry cranberry sauce with more magical ingrediants and then there was dessert! Friend Al had made a wonderful pumpkin cheesecake which he'd delivered the day before owing to previous commitments for Thanksgiving Day. There were also unapproved-by-Jenny Craig choices of pecan pie and ice cream. Nobody was counting points either! Chips and dips and chocolate and crackers and goat cheese and even a little veggie tray were keeping fingers and mouths busy. I'm still full this morning. We are thinking that it really ought to be Thanksgiving Breakfast. Then everyone could spend the rest of the day walking all those calories off. Posted by Picasa

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Naturegirl said...

Oh my I can understand why the burst!You took part in a {{FEAST!}} Great photo!