Saturday, September 25, 2010

I LOVE grass!!

My friend, Angela, tried to "sell" me on grasses years ago. Only this year I have finally seen the light.. or the grass. What's not to like? There are SO MANY! They are SO PRETTY! Many are DROUGHT TOLERANT! THE DEER DON'T LIKE THEM!!!
So of course the current plan is to turn my yard into a "grassland" as I can afford to. It may take awhile but I'm quite a'twitter to re-do the Not So Secret Garden along the avenue. I'll leave the things that have proven deer resistant, remove that which has failed the exam, and replace with tuffets of grasses and a DRIP SYSTEM.. $150/month for water in July & August is a bit much. (though my 2010 water bill for July & Aug was only 30 cents more than for the same period of '09... and the rates had gone up.. so I must have used less) But I digress. The 2nd photo was taken at Green Acres Nursery in Sacramento yesterday. We were only going to look. See that beautiful purple pot in the top photo? There's another one to its left. They were on SALE. And those plants are new... If payday weren't still 10 days off.... (I NEED one more purple pot. and more grass. lots more grass. .. and a leash.)
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