Sunday, November 08, 2009

Misc. Fall Fotos




I love the mini papyrus as much as the giant papryus!
Butterflys really DO like Asclepias.(aka milkweed)
I didn't have the courage to eat this Giant Puffball even though there is (supposedly) nothing like it that is poisonous. I am such a sissy!
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Bill Stankus said...

I generally only eat food from a grocery or restaurant and never anything that grows in the yard. Big puffy things become soccer balls or photo thingees, never food.

weeder1 said...

aha! You too are a sissy! ;>) Something had been eating on this thing. There were about 5 of them in one area of the orchard. I'd forgotten that they "arrive" every fall for a short time.

ESP said...

Hi Weeder.
What is going on in your garden? Have you discovered a new liquid fertilizer the makes everything larger? The Giant Puffball, the massive mantis?

Are those your teeth marks in the Puffball? If you eat all of that puffball I just bet you would not eat one again for quite some time!

Great shots of the mantis by the way.

Gail said...

Found one almost that big and we sliced, battered and fried it. Absolutely delicious.