Tuesday, August 12, 2008

But of course the weather got hot again!

The little plastic "pond" seemed to be drying up every day instead of every few days so I figured it must have a crack in it somewhere and time had arrived to replace it. Being cheap, paying $8.99 for something I'd be able to find for $5.00 or less in another month, wasn't an option. (yes, I can be frugal. Then again, I can go broke saving money too..) Besides, that blue was getting on my nerves. The weather had been in the very tolerable 80°range for the past week or ten days so I decided I didn't really need to have my own personal pool in Phoebe's yard anymore.
My own personal pool.
It quickly got drained and rolled into the front yard. While filling, it was "fitted" with various lengths of old drain pipe, and then with the water loving plants. oh, and the duck decoys. (Much less messy than the real thing and never molested by marauding raccoons.)
And THEN, I found this fabulous bejeweled frog-on-a-reed (not to be confused with the interesting things-on-a-stick found in China) on sale at Pier 1. Believe it or not, I'm not usually into quirky frogs but this one is absolutely perfect.

Of course you know the tempertures shot right back into the 90°'s the very moment the pool became a pond. And as you must see, there is no room for an over-heated human amid the plants.

Must go play in the sprinklers now.......
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Bill Stankus said...

1. Shovel
2. Hole
3. Rubber liner
4. Water
5. Instant pond


Keep digging:

Swimming hole

and if by tree, add rope on high up limb


weeder1 said...

You must not have attempted much digging when you lived in Carmichael.
Hardpan is maybe, if you're lucky, 18" down. Stock tank "pond" much, much easier. ;>)
Wish I had it right now as the temp outside is 100° and inside 88°. Time for spray bottles and fans. ;>)

Bill Stankus said...

I do remember. Once, circa childhood, I tried to dig a tunnel (to escape my parents as in "The Great Escape"). I got down about a foot and decided rebellion was better.