Monday, August 11, 2008

Aint it the truth!

Rather than throw away a small piece of chicken wire I decided to attempt to copy Angela's "chair basket" yesterday. And voila!

This particular thyme plant has been surviving against all odds in a hanging basket, hidden behind a fluffy, leafy branch of lilac in Phoebe's yard. The secret to its survival, it seems, is that I'd planted it in a plastic bag last year so it held the moisture I'd infrequently remembered to give it. Hopefully the deer won't dine on it now that its within their probing, hungry, chomping parts. The fawns seem to have to taste quite a bit of something before they decide its not palatable.

And then, of course, a rock had to be found for the profound thought...
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Angela said...

I love it! Let's go scrounge some more bottomless chairs together! We may have to go into business after all... ;-)

weeder1 said...

Yes indeedie! Like Cottage Girls but with plants!