Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Plenty a' punkins!

The Davis Ranch in Sloughhouse, CA.
has pumpkins from the itty bitty ones
that will fit in you palm to some pretty
honkin' big ones. Red orange, orange,
spooky green, white, or greeinsh pumpkins.

Plus they have a corn maze.

Not to mention that they still have fresh corn-on-the-cob which is DELICIOUS! They have apples, melons, garlic, peas, beans, beets, nuts, herbs, I'm forgetting most of it! I bought fresh corn and fresh tomatoes; Angela bought corn, tomatoes, green beans and a melon...all for a pittance.

Davis Ranch
13501 Jackson Rd
Sloughhouse, CA

Just be careful driving out there because its a 2-lane country road which some people seem to think is a freeway.

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Connie said...

Nice looking pumpkins!....the white ones are really interesting and different looking.