Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Peabody Saga continues

So Peabody and the white rooster returned, looking for non-existant mates early last week. I managed to drag some of that awful orange plastic fencing over the top of the old chicken pen and got "the birds" to go in for yummy snacks. Since I didn't have the "roof" secured yet, I didn't attempt to slam the gate. They would have escaped and never, ever ventured near that place again. Last evening, after the rooster had gone to bed in the tree tops, Peabody made a break for it. Down the driveway, over the gate, and into the middle of the street where, lucky for her, drivers actually stopped. Luring her back across the road wasn't working (not to mention that I was barefoot and clad in my cruddy gardening shorts and a top that wasn't made for someone well past her prime, not to mention her ideal weight.) She has not yet returned. It wasn't very nice of her to leave the rooster behind. Do you suppose that the folks down the road bribed her to lure the rooster away from them?
One of my neighbors from about a mile away happens to be a customer at the place I work. She was in today and mentioned that she saw a peahen on our street..."she was in front of the wacky garden lady's place." "Just where would that be?" I gamely asked. "Oh you know! The place with all the flowers in front." The place with the red gate?" "Yes!" Oh dear. Guess that makes me the wacky garden lady! yikes! It could be worse! :>) One wouldn't want to be known as "That old bitch." would one?! Anyhow, I will secure the "roof" to the sides of the pen tomorrow just in case she returns and then maybe, just maybe I can catch her. There is a peacock waiting for her...but she needs to be caught in order to get her to him. I should record a peacock's call. Betcha that would get her attention!
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Anonymous said...

Not to worry- you sound like just my favorite kind of Wacky Garden Lady- there are lots of us! Wish we lived in the same neighborhood.
and then, there are the Boring Garden Ladies.