Saturday, June 16, 2007


Jack Frost did quite a number on this Justica aka Jacobinia carnea (Brazillion Plume Flower) It is pretty well sheltered by a large palm tree and an olive tree too. Plus it is near the house. It usually sails through winter with nary a care but then, we don't usually have extended periods of frost. The Bird of Paradise that lives in the pot that candle holder is poking up from turned totally brown and mushy. Lo and behold! It currently has a 24" tall new leaf. (hmm. shoulda had a picture!)

36" away from the Jacobinia grows another of Mom's favorites; the Justica brandegeana (Beloperone guttata) aka the Shrimp Plant. (that is not a snake. just a bungie cord to keep the plant from laying on the sidewalk) I suspect that both of these will be too tender for the climate of Corvallis, which is zone 6 according to Sunset. We are zone 14 according to Sunset. Didn't we used to be zone 8? and didn't I used to be 42?
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