Friday, December 08, 2006


Oops. Someone gently reminded me this morning that it was the WOLF who huffed & puffed. NOT the 3 pigs. Hey, I was tired. ;>)

Good thing Maud got her rain poncho on today because the storm blew in at 6:50pm and it is a wet one. It felt like the Three Gigantamous Pigs were huffing and puffing and about to blow the house down for a few minutes but it seems to be more rain than wind now. Odd to have wind gusts from the sw. I hear an overflowing gutter outside the den window. Overflowing or has it too rotted through? I'm just not real brave about climbing up ladders any more. Did get the front gutters and the south gutters de-leafed recently
but sort of, um, forgot, about the gutters on the north side. Posted by Picasa

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Angela said...

Looks like a moment at a really cool local cafe, where Maud, who's a regular, falls asleep in her chair... again. The cafe owners and customers check on her every now and then to make sure her head doesn't tip back allowing her open mouth collect rain.

Just another Autumn day at the garden cafe...