Friday, December 15, 2006

Its beginning to look a lot like...I'm running out of time

No way am I gonna' get everything done before the kids start arriving next Saturday! Too many interruptions; practice taking pictures with new camera, decorate Xmas tree (the one in the house), wrap presents, find lump of coal for brother, prune Lantana (WHY does that stuff smell so awful?!), find glasses which fell off head somewhere on this 2.5 acres, clean kitty litter box, play with camera, write notes in Xmas cards...try to remember how to draw letters....e-mail does terrible things to one's use of English as well as one's penmanship...gather egg...(yes, that's right. One hen is laying an egg every other day in the box by the patio door. I have no idea where the other hen is depositing her eggs.) , Order one more thing from has time to clean the house? A coating of dog hair is a good thing. It will insulate us from the cold. We will gain more fiber in our diets. We will all become blond. Washed one window. Dusted one room.
Had to take another picture of the Christmas cactus. In my defense, it was slightly windy out today. That and I can't seem to hold the camera STILL. But, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, it isn't that bad! Posted by Picasa

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